Colebrook Counseling has transitioned to a therapy service that is exclusively online. While it is true that some personal presence is lost, it seems that most of the key elements of the therapy sessions are preserved. Many clients who are skeptical and try the online sessions end up preferring them. As an added benefit, the ease and convenience of being able to meet with a counselor from the comfort of your own home or office without having to take time out for travel, babysitters, or your busy schedule seems to fit into our modern lifestyles. All appointments begin and end on time and are an hour long.

At Colebrook Counseling your caring personalized sessions are with me, Jim Veser LMFT. I received my training at the Graduate School of Marriage and Family Therapy at Evangelical Seminary where I graduated cum laude. I have years of experience working with clients individually and in relationships. I also have experience and specialized training in treating trauma. I use my training and my experience, both professional and personal, to inform how I might best serve my clients. At Colebrook Counseling your treatment plan is tailored to meet your needs which often means getting right to the issues and collaborating to find either solutions or ways of coping.

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